Business Dissertation Topics

Customer Service Customer service is a varied topic. With different companies expecting different levels of customer service as well the difference between countries, customer service would be a great topic to focus your dissertation on! Take a look at some examples below: Example customer service dissertation topic 1: For economic growth within the UK, low … Read More»

Human Rights Dissertation Topics

Privacy In an age where people post everything about themselves, where does their privacy begin? If this is a subject that intrigues you, maybe take a look at some of these examples: Example privacy dissertation topic 1: Big Brother and the realisation of Orwell’s 1984. What does the government really know about all of us? … Read More»

Criminology Dissertation Topics

Prison and Society Choosing to write about prison and the society could make for a very interesting topic. You could take a look at prisoner rights, rehabilitation or their integration back into society. If you are struggling to think of a topic, maybe these suggestions could help: Example prison and society dissertation topic 1: ‘A … Read More»

Health and Safety Dissertation Topics

Occupational Health and Safety Health and safety in the workplace is a really interesting subject and depending on the career you decide to focus on, there could be a lot of fascinating research to review! Take a look at some of our suggestions below: Example occupational health and safety dissertation topic 1: Prison inmates and … Read More»

Film Studies Dissertation Topics

Niche Film If you prefer your film more ‘out of the box’ and are not a fan of mainstream cinema, then maybe selecting a topic relating to a niche film maybe best for you! Take a look at some of these suggestions to see if any get your creative juices flowing! Example niche film dissertation … Read More»

International Relations Dissertation Topics

International Relations Dissertation Topics We have provided the selection of example international relations dissertation topics below to help and inspire you. Example international relations dissertation topic 1: NATO and Libya: An indefensible intervention into a sovereign state. Notwithstanding issues as to the desirability of General Gaddafi (from a Western democratic viewpoint), NATO’s involvement in the … Read More»

Cultural Studies Dissertation Topics

Education An interesting subject to look into in regards to cultural studies is education.  The following are just a few topic suggestions in this area to get you started. Example education dissertation topic 1: A comparative study of the rate of suicide amongst girls aged fifteen to nineteen in South Korea and the United Kingdom: Is academic stress … Read More»

International Studies Dissertation Topics

International Politics If you are interested in international politics and would like to focus on this for your dissertation but are unsure on how to narrow down your topic, then maybe these examples could help you: Example international politics dissertation topic 1: An investigation into the ongoing nature of democracy in Botswana. Botswana is classified … Read More»

Marketing Dissertation Topics

Tourism If you are interested in the marketing of a specific place to attract tourists then you could maybe focus on tourism for your dissertation! We have put together some examples for you to have a look at: Example tourism dissertation topic 1: Overcoming diversity: The marketing of New Orleans as a tourist destination after … Read More»

Health and Social Care Dissertation Topics

Example health and social care dissertation topic 1: A review of best practice with the regard to the dissemination of information between nurses and doctors on a paediatric ward. Conscious of the need, as noted by the Royal College of Nursing (2010), for professionalism to be shown by doctors to nurses, this dissertation evaluates the … Read More»

Photography Dissertation Topics

Photojournalism An interesting subject to look into if you are interested in journalism photography. The following are just a few topic suggestions in this area to get you started. Example photojournalism dissertation topic 1: The impact of photojournalism on charitable giving: An investigation into the sponsorship levels received by runners who run for the Wessex Autistic Society Run. … Read More»

Psychotherapy Dissertation Topics

Example psychotherapy dissertation topic 1: Factors affecting adult onset (45 years +) eating disorders. Much research has been conducted with regard to childhood and adolescence onset eating disorders, whereas less is known about the triggers for adult onset disorders (affecting those aged 45 years and older). This paper considers both male and female subjects within … Read More»

Politics Dissertation Topics

British Politics You may want to take a look at British politics for your dissertation. This is a topic with lots of research available and could be an interesting avenue to take. Take a look at our examples below: Example British politics dissertation topic 1: A critical analysis of New Labour’s ‘Third Way’ on social … Read More»

Occupational Therapy Dissertation Topics

Example occupational therapy dissertation topic 1: A study of the voluntary and working experiences undertaken by undergraduates of occupational therapy prior to their enrolment. A reflective piece of work, this study will involve working with peers as well as those in the first and second year of the occupational therapy course at the university. In … Read More»

Construction Dissertation Topics

Civil Engineering If you are interested in the construction of public works then maybe you could focus on civil engineering construction for your dissertation. Whether it is public bridges, sewers or railways, this could make for a fascinating dissertation! Take a look at some suggestions below: Example civil engineering dissertation topic 1: Infrastructural civil engineering … Read More»

Finance Dissertation Topics

Financial Markets The ever-changing financial markets provide a consistent source of current topics that can be researched for your dissertation. Below are some ideas to get you started. Example financial markets dissertation topic 1: According to Barrett (2011), ‘one of the financial instruments of mass destruction, commercial mortgage-backed securities (CMBS for short) were at the toxic … Read More»

Art Dissertation Topics

Religious Influences Art has been shaped by religion for a very long time, with religious figures and scenes being depicted in art for thousands of years. If you are interested in the representation of religion in art then maybe this would be a great subject for you to complete a dissertation on. Take a look … Read More»

Architecture Dissertation Topics

Social Housing If you are interested in social housing whether this be from charities or the council, it could be a very interesting topic for a dissertation. Take a look at some of our examples: Example social housing dissertation topic 1: The changing nature of social housing architecture. The pronouncement by Lloyd George in 1919 … Read More»

Children and Young People Dissertation Topics

Phones and the Internet The rise of phones, the internet and social media in society is phenomenal, especially amongst the youth of today. This fascinating and hot topic will be a great avenue to investigate for a dissertation! Take a look at some of our examples below: Example phones and the internet dissertation topic 1: … Read More»

Communications Dissertation Topics

Example communications dissertation topic 1: Can the use of micro-blogging and texting in the Arab Spring be replicated in North Korea? This dissertation investigates the use of micro-blogging and texting within the revolutions of the Arab Spring and explores whether such technology could be used by North Koreans to overthrow the regime. In so doing … Read More»

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